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Just as a small warning, there is a bit of vore in this chapter, even though it's not too descriptive.

Back at the lake, both Crescent and Sycniele watched in horror as the tiny nagaling began to glow a golden aura. It looked as though he was summoning up every last ounce of magic he had inside of him.

"Make him stop before he kills us!" Crescent demanded quickly. By itself the attack might not be too dangerous, but mixed with water it could definitely be fatal.

"I'll tell him to stop… if you let me go already!" Sycniele hissed in reply. She wasn't going to call her son's attack off just to get eaten. Either both died, or neither.

"F…fine! Just make him calm down!" She whined, slowly and carefully moving Syc back towards the ground and letting go.

Syc sighed, dropping to ground level and facing Trent. "Trent, call off." She commanded. Even if the mermaid was trying to kill them, it at least tried to be diplomatic. Besides, she might know stuff.

Trent blinked out of concentration; the electricity surrounding his body continued to crackle and fizzle around him. "Aww... 'tay…" He mumbled in return, before pointing his left hand to the sky. With a loud crack, a lightning bolt surged out of his palm and cracked into the sky with a loud booming noise. After he let all the energy out, Trent slumped back down towards the ground and curled up tiredly, both sleepy and drained.

Crescent huffed a bit, but didn't try to go after them again. "He's not very safe…" She grumbled. No kid should have that type of magical power.

"Blame his upbringing; he has a lot of magic in his blood. Even I don't know where he got all of it." The naga replied, picking up her son carefully. He felt pretty warm, but gradually cooled down. "At least he's efficient."

"Yeah yeah…" The mermaid grumbled more. "Figures the one time I finally get food it's too hard to eat. Do you know how often prey comes here? Almost never."

"Well, you're not very welcoming, I've noticed. Why don't you just go swim away before I change my mind. If you want food so badly, why don't you just go out and hunt by yourself?"

"…I don't like land." Crescent replied simply. "Most mermaids can tread on water and land, but don't do so well on land. I'm not good on it at all, and no one ever comes by the lake. Treasure hunters generally don't come around here."

Sycniele gently rocked Trent back and forth to help him sleep. It was getting late. "Treasure hunters? In a place like this?"

"You'd be surprised really… tons of people come here in search of valuable riches and infinite wealth… I think most of it is all rumors though anyways. I mean, I've never come across any treasure. But no one looks around here anyways, which is why no one else lives around here."

"Treasure doesn't sound worth it if people end up dying… and I guess I can help you find some food, but you owe me in return."

The mermaid's eyes suddenly lit up. "…Really? After all that?"

"As much as I'd hate to admit it, we're in desperate need of help… so yeah. I'll bring you some food, but in return you've got to help us… and don't you dare even think about trying to cross us!"

Crescent thought about it for a bit. On one hand, she'd be helping what she thought of as food… on the other, she might finally be able to eat again. "…Fine then, I'll help you if you can bring me some food." She agreed, semi-reluctantly.

"Good… I guess I'll hunt while it's still dark… just stay here and guard Trent… and don't try anything." She hissed. She wasn't sure how she could trust Trent with her.

"I proooomise I won't…" She mermaid sang, gently picking up the sleeping nagaling. "He's not much more than a tiny snack anyways."

"Noted." Sycniele quickly turned away and slithered back into the forest, catching a quick glance to make sure Trent was ok, before heading out. At least they could get help this way.

* * * * *

The two nagas slowly woke up in their tree; Zinverinth in the bed, and Salvyrn in a crumpled position on the ground.

"That… sucked."

"Hey, you're the one who wanted the floor."

"We're switching next time!"

"Fine, you can sleep in the bed… but I'm staying in it too."

"Not fair, it's my turn!"

"I know, you can sleep in it! I'm just going to as well! I'm not the one who cares so much about sharing a bed."

The two of them bickered for a while, before Salvyrn finally slithered out with a huff.  "I need to make another bed." He grumbled. There was no use arguing with Zin; he always found some way of winning.

"Good luck getting the materials… I wonder how someone managed to make one this size out of the natural resources when everything has a much larger scale." Zinverinth said, peeking around outside the tree.  It was finally approaching morning; still dark, but not nearly as much. "I'm almost compelled to just stay here for a while. Nice enough place."

Salvyrn sighed, peering up at the clouds. One of seemed to resemble a rabbit. "I miss home though… and without Sycniele's help, we might never be able to go back. Back home I feel more dominant… here I have a constant fear that we're going to attacked or eaten. We're tiny; we're like bugs here."

"Calm yourself Sally; it's not all that bad. You met a giant once, didn't you?"

"Yeah, he tried to kill me before making me into a slave… wasn't a very pleasant experience. How will being surrounded by giants be better?"

"You're just not alone this time… come on then, might as well find food and resources."

Salvyrn followed after his brother back down the trunk of the tree. It was getting a bit easier to ascend and descend, since they were natural tree climbers by nature. "You think there might be any non-living food around here?"

"Of course… it'd be impossible for everything to have to eat meat. There always has to be at least one creature that feeds off of native vegetation, and gets eaten by bigger things. Guess what we are?"

"Don't remind me." Salvyrn whined, heading over to a large bush. It was pretty big by comparison, though not nearly as big as the tree. At his size, it almost looked like some kind of branch maze inside of the leaves. "I'll search here, you search somewhere else."

"Got it!" Zin replied, waiting for Sal to disappear into the bush before lying on the ground. "Sure, it's kinda mean, but it's just so fun…"

The naga placed his hand on the ground, and after a couple of minutes a small stem popped out of the ground, and begin to grow and twist around. Several leaves and tiny thorns began to push their way out of the ever growing stem, until it began to separate into several thorny vines, which in turn implanted into the ground. After waiting a bit longer, small green berries started to form, before they quickly ripened.

"Gotta love nature magic." He said with a chuckle, plucking off some berries and snacking on them hungrily.

Salvyrn searched around the bush, which seemed like just a giant maze. After making it to the top, he poked his head out. "I don't see anything… hey!" He snapped, glaring as he saw the bush.

"You'd think you'd learn by now… but I'm glad you don't, it's just so much fun!"

"…Schmuck…"  Salvyrn whispered to himself, before ducking back in. After a while he popped back out from the bottom and slithered over. "Why'd you make me do that?"

"I just told you, it's fun! 'Sides, you need the exercise." He explained, going back to picking some berries. More seemed to grow as they were eaten.

"Now you're just being a sadist." Salvyrn mumbled, before picking some berries on his own. At least they had a quick and easy way of getting food.

Above in the tree tops, the winged creature continued to lurk and watch them, having woken up not too long ago. "Two nagas, unprotected… just perfect."

It quickly began to move down the tree slowly, creeping closer. Neither of the nagas seemed to be alert; trying to rest after the events of the previous day. With a quick motion, it bounded off the tree and took off towards them.

Zinverinth quickly froze, looking around. "I sense a presence." He said suddenly, before looking up into the air. All he saw was a bunch of brownish and yellow feathers dive towards them, and suddenly both of the nagas found themselves grasped in giant fleshy cages.

Salvyrn acked, wiggling around before glancing over at Zin. "What the hell just happened?! What's going on?!" He asked frantically. Looking at his brother, it looked like he was trapped in the talons of a large bird.

"So that's where that harpy went." Zinverinth mumbled to himself calmly. He was wondering about that for a while.

"Maybe you should be more concerned…" Salvyrn hissed, squirming around until the talons tightened around him.

The harpy looked back down at her catches before flying off towards the sky with a sinister smirk.

* * * * *

Sycniele continued along the forest, searching out some of these treasure hunters she was told about. She didn't seem to be getting anywhere though; apparently they weren't that common. "Least it'll be easier to find them at my size than as a giant…" She mumbled. Even if she did find a few adventurers, she wasn't totally sure how she could round them up and bring them back. Although she began to come up with a plan as she went.

"This place isn't that bad once you get used to it…" She said to herself, glancing around. It certainly felt like she was in some type of museum or zoo. Maybe a lab rat for a bunch of other creatures. "Guess most humans would be hiding under trees or in small clearings."

Her guess wasn't too far off. After around another half over of navigating the forest she came across a couple of tiny tents grouped around the base of a tree. "This looks right…"

She slowly crept closer, peeking around curiously. She didn't hear anything. She quickly unzipped a tent and peered inside, but it appeared to be devoid of life. "Weird… maybe they're already awake." She slowly pushed her way into the tent further to investigate. It was a small, four person tent with a few miscellaneous belongings here and there. It definitely wasn't deserted though.

Outside the tents, a few humans were returning to the camp but froze up when they saw a long tail poking out of one of the tents. A lot of them just stared… it could be anything. Although oddly enough, it wasn't much bigger than they were.

Sycniele didn't even seem to notice them, grabbing a small canteen and getting a drink of water, before turning around to go back outside and facing the group. "Ohhhh… err… hi…" She said awkwardly. It wasn't how she expected it to go.

"Naga!" One of the humans yelled, before they all tried to flee. Where there was a small naga, there was probably a big one.

"Wait! I'm not like the others! I'm one of you!" She bluffed. She figured nagas were feared creatures just by their reactions. "I'm here to help!"

A few of the humans continued to flee, although around three of them stopped to look back. "Why would you want to help us?" One asked.

Syc weighed her options in her head. "Cause… I'm sided with the humans… and I want to help… find the treasure!" She explained. She hoped these were treasure hunters. "In fact, I already know where some is… I just needed some help getting to it."

The humans began to whisper to each other. It could be a trap. "…She's a naga though… maybe she hates them… she's wearing clothes, definitely not a savage… she's kinda cute…" After a while they broke off from the huddling and moved closer. "Alright then, if you really want to help, then lead the way."

Sycniele nodded eagerly, and began to backtrack back to the lake. That was easier than she thought. "No wonder these guys don't last long here…" She mumbled to herself. At least some of them were smarter and fled.

When they finally reached the lake, it looked completely empty like normal. She began to move into the water casually. "Just under here… it's not too deep down. I just have a hard time swimming underwater." She lied, motioning for them to follow.

Not seeing anything wrong with that, the group one by one began to enter and submerge into the water. Only a few seconds later did they frantically burst out again and try to move towards the shore. "There's something in there!"

"Oh right… did I forget to mention that?" Sycniele asked, having already moved back to the shore. "Terrible memory and all."

Before anyone else could make it to the shore, a pair of giant hands came out of the water and snatched them up, dragging them back in. A few bubbles came out to the surface after a while, and finally Crescent splashed out of the water, with one human in her hand, one in her mouth, and the last one seemed to be gone.

The mermaid made short work of the second one, tilting her head back and swallowing him quickly, before turning to the last person, who appeared to just be a woman in her thirties or so. "That wasn't too hard… I think I'm going to enjoy this." She mused, before lifting the human up and dropping her into her mouth. After licking and squishing her around, she slowly swallowed her down too, and finally relaxed at the shore of the water.

"Alright… I brought you your food… three in fact. I think that's good for now." Sycniele mumbled, leaning against the base of a rather large tree. "Where's Trent?"

Crescent looked upwards, before reaching into a tree and carefully taking the nagaling out. "Put him up there so he'd be safe… and yeah… thanks…" She murmured in reply, as if it was an unusual thing to say. She slowly handed the nagaling back to his mother.

"Right… so, I did my end of the bargain. Now, I want to know more about this place. If we're ever going to leave, we need to know how."
Warning: Contains some vore. Chapter four. I had to fill in a few gaps with this one, but I think it worked out ok. I hope. Hopefully the vore isn't so out of place that people who hate vore will think it's forced, but also not so shoddy that people will think it's not enough. I'm trying to please everyone here! Anyways, that's that, so enjoy.

Salvyrn, Zinverinth, Sycniele, Trent, Crescent, and the currently un-named harpy belong to me.

Felarya belongs to :iconkarbo:
Karbo Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Ok this is very weird but the collect button doesn't seem to work o.o

Regardless this was a nice chapter :) I guess it's pretty handy to have lighning powers agaisnt a mermaid XD
My only remark is that maybe Sycniele left Trent a bit too easily ? after all Crescent was trying to eat them just minutes ago..
Salvyrn Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010
Hmm, that is weird... I've never actually used it before though, so I can't explain that.

And glad this chapter was good; I tried to move it along a bit better. And to answer the question as best I can, Syc most likely thought Trent could do well on his own, seeing as how afraid of him and his electrical powers Crescent was. Nothing would stop him from trying again, besides his slow charge time. Imagine that, something so small being threatening... and it'd probably also be safer than take him out into the forest at night. Other than that... I have no other reasons. ^^;; Thanks for the read though!
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